Lumbar Decompression and the Interspinous Coflex Clinical Trial


When Lumbar Stenosis causes unnecessary pain, Dr. Pablo Pazmino may recommend a Microsurgical Lumbar Decompression to decrease pain at this area. Immobilizing painful arthritic areas, thickened ligaments and bony spurs causing painful encroachment in a specific area of the lumbar spine should decrease pain and provide an environment where the nerves can begin to heal. Upon successful decompression and after a course of physician guided physical therapy patients can return to their activities of daily living. We are currently enrolling patients in an FDA clinical trial evaluating the Coflex as an option for certain patients with stenosis. Dr. Pablo Pazmino is currently collecting data researching the outcomes of patients who have undergone decompressions alone and his early results are promising. Patients have noted early return to work , driving, sports and sexual activities following surgery.

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