Cervical Laminectomy

Cervical Stenosis, Radiculopathy, Arm Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder pain, Weakness


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Common Terms
Some of the terms commonly used to describe this condition include stenosis, cervical stenosis, arthritis, neck pain, and radiculopathy. Other terms that are closely related include disc protrusion, bulging disc, pinched nerve, neuropathy, disc disease, disc degeneration, degenerative disc disease, and black disc.
As we age our disc or shock absorber dehydrates. This can lead to a constant neck pain and ache as our shock absorbers no longer work well. Eventually the joints of the spine become arthritic and in response to this the body stiffens its ligaments. This thickening of extra bone and ligaments will begin to compress the nerves and spinal cord. Once a nerve is pinched, pain from this nerve will radiate into the regions served by affected nerve roots that are irritated or impinged by the arthritic material. Often, patients have pains in the neck, shoulders, or hands. Other symptoms may include sensory changes such as numbness, tingling, muscular weakness, paralysis, paresthesia, and abnormal reflexes.
All areas under compression from excess tissue are removed by Dr. Pazmino under direct magnification. Dr. Pazmino utilizes special surgical loupes or a surgical microscope to find and remove all excess bone and arthritic ligaments.
Pain Relief
When Dr. Pazmino removes the excess arthritic material and bone with the laminectomy and afterwards you will wake up with more room around your spinal cord than you had beforehand. This gives the cord and nerves room to begin the recovery process.
Midas Rex®
Dr. Pazmino uses the Midas Rex® Legend EHS Stylus® High-Speed Surgical Drill as a small, lightweight, and ergonomic drill for its maneuverability when he is operating in tight spaces and performing the laminectomy. With its compact size and high torque, this electric surgical drill is suited for a wide range of his surgeries and procedures.
Cutting Edge Technology
  • Powered by the IPC® System, the Legend EHS Stylus Surgical Drill offers adjustable speeds from 200 to 75,000 rpm and an intuitive interface. Dr. Pazmino uses this with high-speed Curved Burs for outstanding visibility and access in narrow and deep anatomic regions.
  • Target and decompress bone and soft tissue in the foramen, lateral recess, and central canal
  • Preserve facet joint integrity, thus maintaining biomechanical stability and bone for fusion fixation
Customized Care
Every patient at Spine Cal gets custom care from Dr. Pazmino that is tailored to the individual, we remove barriers and burdens, so the patient and family can focus on their recovery. We work with you to understand your individual needs while also tailoring a plan of care that will maximize your comfort.
Straightforward Operation in Experienced Hands
Patients in California, or those who travel to Spine Cal for surgery, have the distinct advantage of having Dr. Pazmino perform the procedure himself. Dr. Pazmino can perform this through his standard minimally invasive posterior cervical approach. This enables him clear visualization into the posterior lamina and spinal cord. Through this procedure Dr. Pazmino limits dissection through important posterior muscular structures.