XLIF : Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion


For patients with certain conditions, abnormal and excessive motion at a vertebral segment may result in pain. When this abnormal motion from an unstable or degenerated vertebral segment causes unnecessary pain, Dr. Pablo Pazmino may recommend An XLIF or an Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion to decrease pain at this area. This is a newer method of fusion performed from a lateral approach by means of small minimally invasive incisions on your chest or abdomen. Immobilizing painful movement in a specific area of the lumbar spine should decrease pain generated from the degenerated discs and arthritic joints. All lumbar spinal fusion surgery involves adding bone graft, or bone graft substitutes which stimulate a biological response that causes the nearby bone to weld or fuse. Upon successful fusion, the two vertebral segments stop all painful motion, and patients can return to their activities of daily living.