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"Hello I'm a patient of Dr. Pazmino. I have been dealing with Dr. Pazmino for the last three and half almost four years. I decided to have surgery this past July of 2011. The procedure went great! I have absolutely no pain whatsoever. I was preparing myself for severe pain after the cervical surgery that I had. I have NO PAIN WHATSOEVER! The surgery went great. I stayed one night in the hospital, they wanted me to stay two. It wasn't necessary. Dr. Pazmino he's just great in my book, he's just TOPS"

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"It was important to me to have surgery that was minimally invasive, because I've been a dancer and I move all the time and I was frightened to have anything else. As it turned out, surgery was like a miracle. A few days later I was ready to go, with my neck surgery. With my spine surgery (her lumbar decompression performed one year ago) which took a little bit longer was actually very very successful. I could do things that I wasn't able to do before. I had lost connection with. Particularly I can feel it when I do my Yoga class and the difference is amazing. It has been a very successful experience for me and I would recommend it to anybody"

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“Prior to surgery with Dr. Pazmino I could barely walk. I could not stand upright, I was hunched over and every week I was getting worse and worse. If I kept going in that direction I would barely be able to walk in a month or two. The surgery that was performed was a fusion a revision at level 3-4 and rods that were put on the back side that were curved so that allowed me to stand straighter. The surgery was a very long surgery because of the fact that I had no separation, no spaces between my vertebraes. Dr. Pazmino worked on me for about eight hours. He had to work extra hard to enable him to put a spacer in between my vertebrae so I’d have room for my nerves. The surgery, it has been 6 months since I’ve had the surgery. I can stand much straighter. I feel much, much better. There is no question my quality of life is better than it was before. I would highly recommend Dr. Pazmino. You don’t find Doctors like him that would explain everything to you, so that you completely understand, everything that he is going to do. The surgery I would recommend it and Dr Pazmino to anyone that I know that’s in need of back surgery and back problems. Hopefully I wont have to have any more surgeries but if I do he would be the only Doctor who would perform them.”

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“Well in April of 2008 I took a high speed rear end collision sitting still , the guy that hit me was doing about 65 miles per hour. About an hour after the collision I had onset of just intense neck and back pain, burning, tingling, pain radiating down both my arms, fingers, legs and toes. I was diagnosed with a tear at the C45 and a tear also at the L45 with four other bulging discs in the middle. Pain consisted or persisted rather for three and a half years it was a legal issue involved with workers comp and during that time saw every other doctor and no relief of the pain. Finally came to the conclusion that disc replacement would possibly be the route we needed to take. Did a lot of research on that both internationally and domestically and through my research led me to Dr. Pazmino and he just kept coming up as one of the progressive leaders in that area. Tried to get under a clinical trial of a different disc and that didn’t work out so I decided to undergo prodisc replacements. Had the surgery done at Cedars. Woke up and instantly noticed the buzzing and the tingling in my arms and legs were gone. Pain as expected was a little higher in the neck and back from the surgical procedure but in the last three months after the surgery pain is dramatically decreased and feel a lot better. Feel like I could get back to my life again."

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“I suffered from horrendous pain for close to six months where I was unable to stand, and it got to the point where I was unable to stand for a minute or two, and after seeing a number of different doctors I was recommended that I come to him. And the first thing he said was ‘What else have you done?’ and I had had a couple of shots and they were totally unsuccessful. And he said ‘wait a minute did you have it done in a particular way? on both sides by a special person?’ and said ‘no’ and he said ‘well I wont touch you unless you are ready and you are sure you’ve done everything possible’ and I went and I had the shots done twice and also did not help and I said ‘ok I cant take it anymore and I said help me’. I went into the hospital and had a minimally invasive decompression and I was in for a day and a half, two days max and within two weeks I was feeling …well first of all the pain was gone immediately…by the time I left the hospital I no longer had that pain.. I had discomfort from the surgery and being moved around or whatever but within a couple of weeks I was a new person. Able to stand and able to walk, and Im only sorry that I didn’t go sooner. It was probably good because I know in my mind that I tried everything possible beforehand. But at the same time I maybe should’ve said ‘LOOK LETS DO IT !” and get it over with and I’m back to myself ”

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"Thank you to God and to Dr. Pazmino who used his hands. I ended up doing very well with the work that was performed with the surgery. This has turned out to be a very powerful miracle which has happened in my life. I am doing great and no longer have pain! Before I could not walk and now I can and have no pain whatsoever. I give thanks to God for that and to Dr. Pazmino for using his hands. Thank you."
(Translated from Spanish)

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Dear Dr. Pazmino,

This note is a tribute to you, lauding you for both your medical expertise as well as your warm and engaging personality. Facing surgery is never an easy prospect neither for the patient nor for the patient’s spouse.

After being basically house-bound for months due to the pain caused by my spinal stenosis I finally was referred to you. You patiently explained my options before undergoing surgery, and under your direction I tried all of them. When we made the decision to undergo surgery I was fully prepared and knew that it was the right action. The surgery went well, the recovery was easier than I had expected, and I have returned to my normal activities and am pain free. I should have done it sooner!

Your support both on the medical as well as the personal level made the medical experience we engaged in a positive one as well as a beneficial one. You are to be commended as both a surgeon and a wonderful human being. Thank you.


Paula S.



August 29, 2011

Dear Dr. Pazmino.

I am grateful and fortunate that I was referred to your office in May of 2011. I had been diagnosed with degenerative Lumbar  Stenosis , which caused debilitating with degenerative Lumbar Stenosis , which caused debilitating pain in my lower back. For over a year, I was unable to walk comfortably without the assistance of a walker, and required several pain Killers daily. I had tried chiropractics, injections, orthopedics and physical therapy to no avail. As an 84 year old man, I was skeptical to try surgery, however; I wasn’t willing to sit around in pain any longer. From the moment I entered your office, I knew I was in great hands. The attention I was given both pre and post operative was exceptional. The surgery was performed over five months ago, and has greatly reduced the pain in my back. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone suffering from severe lumbar compression.

Aaron R



I had my first neck surgery in 2003 and underwent a 2 level anterior cervical discetomy and fusion (ACDF) at C4-C5, and C5-C6.  Years later, I sustained another herniated disc at C6-C7, and after researching my surgical options, decided I wanted to have an artificial disc instead of another discectomy and fusion.

I was referred to Dr. Pazmino and was pleased to hear that I was a candidate for a hybrid procedure using the prodisc artificial disc. The challenge occurred when my health insurance denied my request for this approach, and approved only the traditional method of another discectomy and fusion. After filing a grievance with the company, they ultimately reversed their decision and granted approval for the surgery.

I had the procedure 1 week later, and can attest that my recovery was much shorter and more comfortable with the prodisc procedure, compared to the ACDF. Within a short period of time, the pain diminished in my neck and shoulders, and the strength and feeling returned in my forearms and fingers.  I trust this testimonial will give you the courage to stand firm against your health insurance if they wont approve the procedure that is recommended to you. I also highly recommend Dr. Pablo Pazmino to you as your spine surgeon. He is a personal, and professional doctor who has truly been a blessing to me.

Best regards on your journey to health.




I will be forever grateful for the experience I had with Dr. Pazmino at SpineCal. It represented the first that I have ever had the opportunity to sit down with a doctor for more than 15 minutes. I learned in a meeting of over an hour just exactly what the diagnosis was, what the alternatives were and after looking at my xrays and even understood if I did need surgery why and what could be expected of the outcome. It was an education for me and gave me enough information to be able to make an informed decision.

In the end I opted for the operation only because I knew it was the best decision for me. I have been a dancer all my life which of course means there has been a lot of wear and tear on my body. I am still a very active person and a devoted yogini so It was important for me to continue my physical life style for the rest of my life.

The non-invasive surgery  had me out of the hospital and walking after two days. I continued with ice packs and walking for another week and after that I was taking daily walks and doing my regular physical therapy exercises. I plan to be back in my restorative yoga classes in three more weeks and after that completely back to normal.

I am so very grateful,

Cristyne L.



Dear Dr. Pazmiño,

Your description and mapping of my thirty years’ bout with stenosis from tingling and numbness to excruciating pain, has enlightened me far beyond explanations offered by others. You gave my husband and me a detailed description of the surgery itself; took the time to go over every possible risk, and addressed my particular allergies to narcotics.

You performed left sided L 3,4 and L 4,5 decompression hemilaninotomy and foraminotony. In a few short words, the results are swell. I am thrilled to have met you.

Any back surgery I might require in the future rests in your capable hands.

With confidence and appreciation,

Paula P.B.



Thank you so much for making my disc replacement operation so easy. The entire experience has been so much better than I had dreamed possible. After more than a year of pain with a disc bulging and then finally herniating, I feel amazing!

Your office staff has been very helpful and quick to respond to any questions or requests. Your professionalism shows in the clear explanation about the M-6 disc, the operation itself, the "plastic surgery type" closure on my neck that shows very little after only 4 weeks! , the follow-up visits, and your very timely responses to any questions I have had before and after surgery. You both are impressive, not only after reading your web sites, but particularly after the surgical experience and recovery.

My stay at Olympia Medical Center was much nicer than any hospital I have been in – more like a nice hotel with people who help the patient. Everyone we spoke with at the hospital was positive about their respective jobs, and they were very attentive. If we made a request of someone who was busy, someone else offered to help, and they did an amazing job of making sure I had everything I needed when I needed it.


My recovery has been nothing short of wonderful. I was able to talk; I could function (with a little help) and eat the night after the surgery; I went home the very next day, didn't need much help, and experiencing very little pain. The small pains in the hands and arms have decreased each day so that they are minimal and not much of a bother, and I have a full range of motion – probably better than before surgery. I still have some muscles that are a bit stiff, but I'm confident they will improve as well.

I would be happy to talk to anyone who has second thoughts about a disc replacement surgery and tell them how much better it is than what I was told by other doctors and patients about fusion surgery and recovery.

Thanks again for making my life so much better than I could have anticipated!


Karla G.



- And now a word from the Husband,

Bottomline, the success of this operation has created a "new woman." For anyone that's ever lived with someone that's in extreme pain -- not only do you start to develop sympathy pains right along with them, but they're not very easy to live with. So in many ways the success of this operation was equally felt by 2 people.

Now, if we dial this whole story back 1 yr when Karla's neck pains were more frequent and every night seemed to be an ordeal for her, (and me), it was obvious that something had to be done -- and quick!! Initially we sought the help of several Orthos and Nueros, all of which recommended she undergo Fusion surgery. They were quite adamant about this, for several reasons: a) Fusions are FDA approved while ADRs were still in the clinical trial stage, b) Fusions are their business (not Artificial Disc Replacements) so financially and insurance-wise Fusion surgery was the way to go, and c) most of the doctors either had a son or daughter in college that they needed to keep there.

However, before we embarked upon such a serious operation, we wanted to learn more about what we were getting into, so we Google'd "cervical discs" on the internet. We learned quite a bit -- how damaged discs can cause pain and what type of corrective surgery was available. This is where we came across the existence of Clinical Trials for both Fusions and ADRs - and eventually came across the Beverly Spine Institute. The more we read about the various forms of corrective surgery, the more we became convinced that ADRs were becoming the new kid on the block and that Fusions would eventually be a thing of the past. Initially, I (the husband) was the only one convinced that this was the way to go. Karla, on the other hand, was bombarded with negative feedback (re ADRs) from some of her friends not to mention most of her doctors – citing “proven” technology is the only way to go. So here we were? Karla leaning towards Fusion and me on the ADR side.

As a happily married couple, we both knew that before we decided on this matter we needed to both be on the same page. After a serious discussion, we compromised--> Karla agreed to postpone her Fusion operation (for a short time) until I could research Fusion operations and feel more comfortable with going down this road. What happened was the opposite; the more I learned about Fusion vs. ADRs, the more I was convinced that she was making the wrong decision; that we should be going with an ADR operation. This is when The Beverly Spine Institute got involved -- I was able to get an appointment for Karla to be evaluated as a candidate for the M6 Clinical Trial. After meeting with Drs. Lauryssen & Pazmino = Game Over = Karla and I were both convinced an ADR was the way to go. Now it was just a matter of scheduling the surgery -- and, of course, the rest is history.

We're now 3 months down the road, and Karla is feeling little residual pain. I’m glad to report that that "new woman" is still here; although, Karla says she hasn't changed a bit – that she's still that sweet, patient, easy-going woman that she's always been <--NOT!! Regardless, I'm a happy man any way you cut it -- Whoo Hoo!

- Rick G.



You were wonderful to me and I need to find someone who will talk to me and that I trust. I really do appreciate your willingness to see me if something is ever wrong with my back in the future. I hope you never change as the years go by and always remember how traumatic these surgeries are for the people going through it. I wish I could have talked to you before my previous surgery.

It is over now and I just want you to know that your kindness was a blessing and I will keep you and your new practice in my prayers for all that God has for you in the future.

P.S. You would always be the first Doctor I would recommend for anyone I know with back problems!!!! - Marcia H.



I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your patience and time. You’ve really helped me to settle into this. Thank you for being so great! I wish nothing but all the advancements you seek!




Thank you for everything. I appreciate all you have done for me. You’ve taken such great care of me, I wanted to express my gratitude.

Best Wishes,




Thank you for everything! From our first meeting when you took the time to explain and draw out my condition to me, to your description of the surgery. I have never had such a clear explanation from any doctor. I am glad to have met with you and am so pleased with the outcome of my surgery, I cant believe I am walking again! Im back at work now also!! Thanks so much.

Ali M.



I just wanted to thank you and the staff for your quality care and for my successful back surgery. I was very grateful to be walking on day two with a walker; on day three without a walker; and to be able to return home on day four. My recovery appears to way ahead of what I might have expected with traditional fusion therapy. It is now less than thirty days after surgery and I am looking forward to returning to work soon.

As we have discussed, I became aware of my back problems in June 2007. On returning from a trip, I began to experience both periodic dull and sharp shooting pains in my legs and lower back and times when my lower body seemed to belong to someone else and felt almost out of control. By September my conditions worsened to the point that extensive movement was often very difficult and generally painful.

As time passed and I became more and more impatient, I turned to the internet to educate myself about current research addressing back problems and optional treatments. In the process, I became aware of the vast body of research underway and that treatments may change dramatically in the next ten years. I also found information about Colflex products, including their success in Europe, and the ongoing clinical trials in the United States.

By October 2007 I gave up on the doctors consulted in June, who recommended only physical therapy, and sought the help of a new team of doctors. That team successfully diagnosed my lumbar spinal stenosis. However, they were fully committed to traditional fusion surgery and discounted newer approaches to treatment.

When they continually delayed my back fusion surgery I began to review my options more actively. My review led me to conclude that, when it comes to surgery, "less is more" and the minimal invasive Colflex procedure was my best option. Everything I read made me feel the surgery was safe and, in the unlikely event added surgery is needed sometime in the future, the minimal invasive Colflex procedure will allow for the use of such additional procedures as they evolve.

Once again, thank you for being responsive to my Colflex inquiry. Please also extend my thanks to everyone involved at both the Institute and Hospital for getting me back on my feet and allowing me to quickly rejoin the work force.


Stan P.



I can’t thank you enough. You are miracle workers. I have already referred my Mom and will always refer anyone with any kind of injury to you! Before surgery I was feeling a horrible, sharp and dull pain in my lower back, buttocks and legs. I was extremely uncomfortable 24 hrs/day 7days/week. I just wish I did this sooner as the pain was getting horrible for the past one to two years. Before surgery I couldn’t play softball, golf, surf etc. Dr. Pazmino was terrific, he kept my confidence up, spirits up, and took good care of my initial pain. If I had to do it all over again I would.

Mark K.



I am a patient of Dr. Pablo Pazmino, he is a surgeon with the Beverly Spine Center with the coflex study. I was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis by my health ins. doctors about two month before. I was sitting at my desk at work listening to the radio when I heard of the coflex study. What got my attention was that this study was about a minimally invasive surgery. I was scheduled for surgery with my HMO. but I was worried because that surgery was going to be made through the abdomen to the spine where they said they where going to put a rod in my spine and fuse vertebrae together. I called the number I got from the radio and talked to them about the study, they were very helpful and worked with me to get an appointment which was good for me, they told me what to bring with me. My first visit was April 08 with Dr. Pazmino, Dr. Pazmino was/is very informative, nothing is left out, he looked at the MRI CD I brought with me, he went through every detail, drew pictures used modules of the spine how it works what the coflex device does and where they put it. My first visit was about 2 hours. when the visit was over I was amazed and very confident with Doc Pazmino and the COFLEX study. I told him I am ready to go lets do it today. I have to say that Dr. Pazmino, Letty his assistant, Kami Jellison from Three Wire, Dr. Carl Lauryssen, and Trysten where and are so very helpful. If I had or have any question or problems or questions they took care of them right away. They even gave me there cell phone and direct numbers, how good is that. Dr. Pazmino and his team are amazing the most professional I have ever seen.

Joe G.



Dear Dr. Pazmino:

It is now 3 weeks after my surgery which included decompression for a good case of Stenosis. Although the first day or 2 was relatively quiet at the hospital, the staff got me up and moving, and I haven't stopped yet. In less than 3 weeks I have returned to work, and of course started driving and exercising again.

There is always some doubt on the patients part when entering into any surgery. It has only been a good experience. Excellent care with pleasant people at Olympic Hospital, Doctors who took a real interest in your well being, and who were highly skilled and approachable, and results that have exceeded by greatest expectations.

Of course each case is different, each patient heals differently, but as far as I am concerned, that after searching for the right person to go to for over 2 years, our choice was a 100% correct.

Best regards, and keep up the good work!

Gene L.



Dr. Pazmino,

I don't even know how to express my thanks for all you have done for me the last year and a half. You have not only been a wonderful doctor but a kind and compassionate person. I am amazed that you have taken the time to coordinate my care with my other Doctors and keep them informed throughout. You have been such a blessing in my life and there is not enough time in a letter to express my gratitude.


Marcia T.


Ode to Olympia

This little ditty is a story about Health
For once you have that, you have undeniable wealth
The top of the totem pole is John Calderon
He runs the best hospital but doesn’t do it alone
He has Brenda who would always, come in
Saying “Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening Miss Kim”
On the third floor is the most amazing staff
Unlike the competition who barely gives half
The medical staff Doctors are most certainly the best
They care for their patients and never get rest
Doctors Miller, Ravan, Lauryssen and Pazmino gave me unbelievable care
In fact all the Doctors are truly amazing there
Doctors Karyotakis, Bamshad and Wagmeister I’d like to mention
In fact everyone gave me their full attention
So “Ode to Olympia” the best hospital in town
There is simply no comparison from anyone around
Love to you all from beginning to end,
You are all one big, giant friend
To all of you I am sending my love
And thanx for your prayers from Heaven above
Last but not least you are all invited
To my 40th birthday Im so excited!!!

Always Kim C.



Estaba Trabajando enel techo en Wal Mart. Se Kebro la madera cai a 14 pies de lo alto me kebre las costillas y los discos. El dolor era muy fuerte. El Doctor Pazmino me iso la ciurgia y kedo bien 100% Gracias a dios uso las manos del Doctor Pazmino y kedo bien 100x100!
Jose V

I was working as a roofer for Wal Mart when the beam I was working on broke and I fell and landed on a wooden beam after falling 14 feet. I fractured my ribs and injured my discs. The pain was immense. Dr Pazmino did my surgery and I am well now 100% better. Thank God for using the hands of Dr. Pazmino as now I feel 100 times 100 better!
Jose V