Our Philosophy

beach We believe that spine surgery is an opportunity to improve your overall lifestyle. This might mean minimally invasive surgery, or arthroplasty to restore your overall quality of life. With relief of pain and return to your daily activities you will feel more comfortable and motivated to return to work or exercise regularly, and achieve better overall health. Or it could mean a limited fusion. The procedure will remove key pain sources causing irritation and will help you feel your best, and allows you to embrace the kind of lifestyle that makes you happy and healthy.

We work to make the entire spine surgery process as pleasant as possible, with an attentive and well-trained staff and compassionate physicians. That's why we have assembled a uniquely dedicated staff, trained to anticipate and ease any problems or concerns, and use only physician anesthesiologists to assure the highest level of comfort and safety during and after surgery. There should be minimal discomfort. That's why we developed our Pain optimization program in concert with pain specialists. There should be maximal safety. That's why we developed our Patient safety program. This will give you a comprehensive understanding of your prognosis, hospital stay, expectations, rehabilitation, and post operative physical therapy afterwards. If you are traveling from out of town, the logistics should be made easy for you. That's why we developed our Visiting patients program.

Spine surgery, in our view, is best when it is a step in an overall process of self-improvement. We are located in a prime location, and our neighbors define the very best in taste and style. After your surgery, we try to help you continue the process begun with the procedure by working with a network of West Los Angeles and Santa Monica neighbors to help you with physical therapy, spas, personal training at the gym, and other contacts you might desire to continue the self-improvement we help you start with your procedure.

We often notice that our follow-up patients come to see us carrying bags of new clothes purchased right on our street, or have changed their hair style, or have gone on to lose a good deal of weight well after their surgery. It is gratifying to know that we helped people embrace a lifestyle they had previously hoped for. Spine surgery is about helping you feel better about yourself. With this increase in self-esteem, we hope you expand your horizons and take on new activities that make you happy.

For more information about our philosophy of the Santa Monica Spine Institute please contact us.