Patient Case Studies

Here is a patient with a prolonged history of severe pain and leg numbness. Dr. Pazmino offered her a minimally invasive option in the form of a lumbar decompression surgery which included removing decompressing all neural elements under compression from arthritic bone and overgrown ligamentous tissue. She underwent a minimally invasive lumbar decompression with the Baxano iOflex at a nearby academic center.

In her own words...

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Dr. Pazmino & Patient

“I suffered from horrendous pain for close to six months where I was unable to stand, and it got to the point where I was unable to stand for a minute or two, and after seeing a number of different doctors I was recommended that I come to him. And the first thing he said was ‘What else have you done?’ and I had had a couple of shots and they were totally unsuccessful. And he said ‘wait a minute did you have it done in a particular way? on both sides by a special person?’ and said ‘no’ and he said ‘well I wont touch you unless you are ready and you are sure you’ve done everything possible’ and I went and I had the shots done twice and also did not help and I said ‘ok I cant take it anymore and I said help me’. I went into the hospital and had a minimally invasive decompression and I was in for a day and a half, two days max and within two weeks I was feeling …well first of all the pain was gone immediately…by the time I left the hospital I no longer had that pain.. I had discomfort from the surgery and being moved around or whatever but within a couple of weeks I was a new person. Able to stand and able to walk, and Im only sorry that I didn’t go sooner. It was probably good because I know in my mind that I tried everything possible beforehand. But at the same time I maybe should’ve said ‘LOOK LETS DO IT !” and get it over with and I’m back to myself ”

With this new technology, called the Baxano iOflex, offered by Dr. Pazmino at Spinecal, a minimally invasive lumbar decompression is now possible with a special file. This patient is now six months out from her surgery performed by Dr. Pazmino at and as you can tell from her testimonial she has already noticed complete relief of her back and leg pain. She has also noticed improved strength in her legs.

Notice her amazing postoperative range of motion as you can see in the photographs nearby. Despite having undergone an extensive lumbar decompression she has maintained an excellent range of motion throughout her rotation, flexion and extension.

Range of Motion

If you notice on her MRI she has significant compression on her thecal sac and neural elements. The Cat scan picture below demonstrates how her arthritis has been decompressed after surgery and her joints have been reshaped. This has spared the patient a prolonged operation and a longer recovery which would have been the case with a fusion or more invasive laminectomies.

The photo to the left demonstrates the Baxano iOFlex file. This is inserted in the tight nerve compartments called the foramen and the areas are reshaped completely decompressing the nerve roots.

Dr. Pablo Pazmino is able to place the iOflex file safely within the arthritic areas to remove all the extra ligament and bony tissue which are pinching the nerves. The areas in blue and green demonstrate where Dr. Pazmino placed the file to decompress the nerves.

This is an XRay Dr. Pazmino uses during surgery to demonstrate the decompression has been performed adequately.