Patient Case Studies

Here is a patient with a prolonged history of severe neck pain arm pain, back pain and leg numbness. Dr. Pazmino offered him a minimally invasive option in the form of a combined cervical and lumbar artificial disc replacement surgery which included removing decompressing all neural elements under compression from disc herniations and overgrown ligamentous tissue and replacing these damaged discs with an artificial disc. He underwent a cervical and lumbar combined artificial disc replacement at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

In his own words...

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Dr. Pazmino & Patient

“Well in April of 2008 I took a high speed rear end collision sitting still , the guy that hit me was doing about 65 miles per hour. About an hour after the collision I had onset of just intense neck and back pain, burning, tingling, pain radiating down both my arms, fingers, legs and toes. I was diagnosed with a tear at the C45 and a tear also at the L45 with four other bulging discs in the middle. Pain consisted or persisted rather for three and a half years it was a legal issue involved with workers comp and during that time saw every other doctor and no relief of the pain. Finally came to the conclusion that disc replacement would possibly be the route we needed to take. Did a lot of research on that both internationally and domestically and through my research led me to Dr. Pazmino and he just kept coming up as one of the progressive leaders in that area. Tried to get under a clinical trial of a different disc and that didn’t work out so I decided to undergo prodisc replacements. Had the surgery done at Cedars. Woke up and instantly noticed the buzzing and the tingling in my arms and legs were gone. Pain as expected was a little higher in the neck and back from the surgical procedure but in the last three months after the surgery pain is dramatically decreased and feel a lot better. Feel like I could get back to my life again."

With this new technology, called the Prodisc artificial disc replacement, offered by Dr. Pazmino at Spinecal, a minimally invasive cervical and lumbar disc replacement is now possible with a special little implant. This patient is now three months out from his surgery performed by Dr. Pazmino at and as you can tell from his audio testimonial he has already noticed complete relief of his neck, back, arm, and leg pain. He feels like he is getting his life back.

Dr. Pablo Pazmino is able to completely replace the damaged disc and while there to remove all the extra fragments, herniations, and bony tissue which are pinching the nerves.

Notice his complete postoperative range of motion. Ask Dr. Pazmino if you are a candidate for this new Prodisc artificial disc replacement.

Range of Motion