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Pablo Pazmiño, MD
Orthopaedic Spine Specialist
Orthopaedic Spine Specialist
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www. spinecal .com
The spine is made up of bony blocks,
Vertebral bodies,
anteriorly which
stack up on each other. Between each
vertebral body is a shock absorber =
. There are three parts to your
spine.The neck or
Cervical spine
. The
midback or
Thoracic spine
is the part
of your spine where there are ribs
attached. And finally the lower back
Lumbar spine
Lumbar Spine
The Lumbar Spine refers to the lower
part of your back where there are no
ribs attached.
There are 5 Vertebral bodies that
make up the lumbar spine. In order to
describe the discs and the nerves that
exit the spine at each level Dr. Pazmi-
ño names the levels according to the
bones that lie above and below a
given disc. For example L4-5 means
Dr. Pazmiño is referring to the level
between the fourth and fifth Lumbar
vertebral body.
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