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Pablo Pazmiño, MD
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Pablo Pazmiño, MD
Orthopaedic Spine Specialist
Orthopaedic Spine Specialist
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www. spinecal .com
Fusion is the combining or merging of two
similar objects into a union
A Lumbar Fusion is a procedure Dr. Pazmiño
can perform to stimulate two separate ver-
tebrae to grow together into one solid bone.
A fusion creates a rigid column of bone in a
degenerated, unstable or otherwise problem
area of the spine.
Candidates for this procedure have:
* An interest in returning to an active lifestyle
* A need to regain their mobility which they have
lost as a result of pain
* Significant pain despite a course of conservative
treatment such as pain medication, a back brace,
chiropractic, or physical therapy
* Severe Back or Leg pain
* Diagnostic tests (MRI, CT, myelogram) showing
that you have a herniated, stiffened, or
degenerated disc
* Significant weakness requiring surgery
* Spinal fracture, or Instability / Spondylolisthesis
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