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Orthopaedic Spine Specialist
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Pain in the neck shoulders and arms, may
occur when a disc herniates or degenerates. In
some patients bone spurs may also form near
the nerves of the spine, and this may also cause
these symptoms.
An Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion
(ACDF) is a procedure used to treat neck prob-
lems such as cervical radiculopathy (radiating
arm pain), disc herniations, degenerative disc
disease, fractures, and spinal instability.
Candidates for this procedure have:
* Symptoms that have not improved with therapy,
chiropractor, acupuncture, or medication
* Arm pain that is worse than neck pain
* Diagnostic tests (MRI, CT, myelogram) show
that you have a herniated or degenerative disc
* Significant weakness in your hand or arm
* Degenerative disc disease
* Fractures or Instability
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